Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hey Monday @ The Knitting Factory

In addition to Kids and Travel, I also love shooting bands (and, heck, promoting good ones) and I've been itching for a while to shoot Hey Monday, a really great pop/punk/rock/awesome band from West Palm Beach, Florida. I've been digging them since August and they're catching on pretty fast thanks to their talent, their great album, and getting onto some really great Tour rosters (I caught them with The Cab in September and with The Academy Is... and We The Kings in October. They're currently doing an acoustic tour with We The Kings for Hot Topic and they've done some free shows for Myspace and Imeem with Metro Station here in Cali. I got to see them last night at The Knitting Factory for the Imeem/Mozes show, so here's my gallery of Hey Monday from their gig at The Knitting Factory! (And yes, that redhead is Travis from We The Kings!) So meet Cassadee, Mike, Jersey, Elliot and Alex who are HEY MONDAY!

Click for More Hey Monday!

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